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Sound Healing

                Namaste,   Everyone  Do you know about sound healing therapy, mediation, Human Chakras, human Aura, Reiki, Brain waves.  We will teach all about what is located in our human body. Did you want to relax your body? We will teach all of this, we will cure all diseases. As an increasing memory power, stress reduction, decrease anxiety and pain, (back pain, headache)reduction, depression, decrease cholesterol, decrease the risk for heart disease and stork, sleep improvement, stress like of that disease we will do a meditation technique and sound healing therapy.

Sound healing, through various techniques and technologies, is the educated and conscious us of the energy of sound to  human body is an electromagnetic field full of energy of sound to reach identified goals and promote wellness in the human body. In our body there are seven transmitters and receivers of energy which are also known as chakras. We will use a sound healing therapy like singing bowl, chakra bowl, gongs, crystals, bell, tingsha, shankha and all of musical instruments. The sound of singing bowl can directly effect in our body.  We can feel the change in or mind and body where we will use singing bowl.  When the singing bowl close the human body the smallest part of body will change with the sound of the singing bowl. It’s also change our thoughts and ideas. The chakra bowl and sound healing equipment sound helps to body relaxing and the same time balancing ours seven chakras. All over the world like eastern India, Nepal, Tibet, western India, it is often used special instrument for healing, sound massage, meditation, sound healing and chakra balancing.

A certified teacher of sound healing therapy, introduction senior singing bowl healing master (Nepal) Mr. : Akash banjara Was born in a Nepalese music family, with good genetics.  Singing bowl master is starts the journey of sound healing on 2011  in the same year he also to get to learn about mediation, Human Chakras, human Aura, Reiki, Brain waves. He became a master certified as a healer, meditation, guru, yoga instructor etc. He slowly built up his sacred instrument collections of variety of gongs, singing bowls, crystals, bells, tingsha, chakra bowls. Master has since undertaken hundreds of hours of singing bowl tanning, sound healing courses and meditation, too going master tannings with international masters

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