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The human body is an electromagnetic field full of energy. There are 7 transmitters and receivers of energy messages, that is, chakras. The energy of the body is gathered in these places, circling through the torso and turning, which is the channel for the energy of the body to enter and exit. If the energy rotation of the chakra is unbalanced, the body will be prone to problems.
The efficacy of the singing bowl can be divided into two aspects of body and soul.
The former can improve arrhythmia, indigestion, headache, low back pain, back pain, etc.
See also efficacy;
In terms of mental health, it can help relieve insomnia, impetuousness, anxiety, depression, restlessness, fast-paced high pressure
Symptoms such as strength, emotional imbalance, trauma in children or childhood, psychological trauma, physical and mental crisis at different stages of life, etc.
To improve self-confidence, work efficiency and learning ability.
Song Bowl is a well-recognized sound therapy, which plays the role of healing and integration to the level of body, mind and spirit.
The sound of the chanting bowl can resonate with the frequency of nature itself, and can also affect the vibration of the molecules that make up nearby objects
the dynamic frequency, when the chanting bowl is close to the human body, the smallest atom in the body will also change with the sonic vibration of the singing bowl.
Including our thinking.
Sound is a high vibration frequency second only to light.
The overtone sound from the chanting bowl can help the body relax and at the same time balance and harmonize the seven chakras of the human body.
Whether it is in the eastern India, Nepal, Tibet, or the Western world, it is often used for healing, sound massage, sound therapy, chakra balancing, special instruments, non-singing bowls None other than.
This bowl made of copper alloy is a stationary clock. According to legend, the deep and long clang of the singing bowl can let people enter
Soothing state of mind and body.
Chanting bowl,
Guide you to the path of enlightenment and compassion
Eliminate negative emotions in the subconscious
Inspire, purify, balance, adjust all chakras
Unleash your innermost emotions
Discover the inner potential of the body
Course theme Learners can understand and analyze the healing of sound, and can apply it to their usual lives. This course will also help them to purify their lives and change their destiny.

Course content

  1. Introduction Class
  2. Meditations
    · Types of Meditations
    · Techniques of meditation
  3. Pranayama
    · Types of pranayama
    · techniques of pranayama
  4. Basic course revision
    · Course revision
    · All instruments playing technique
  5. Gong
    · History about Gong
    · Uses of Gong
    · Benefits of Gong
    · Playing methods of Gong
    · Relation between gong & singing bowl for healing
  6. Self energy increasing technique
  7. A complete sound secrets & Playing methods
  8. Physical, Mental & Emotional, Problems To Solution
  9. Crystal
    · Uses and benefits
    · Relation between crystal and other sound healing equipments
    · Crystal healing ( Basic technique )
  10. Chakra Healing
    · Types of chakra
    · Methods of Chakra healing With chakra set singing bowl – Relation between
    · Metals
    · Planets
    · Sound
    · Energy
  11. Healing for Pregnancy for women
  12. Prevention therapy
  13. A complete Sound bath (Relaxation )
  14. How to use
    · Singing bowl at healing
    · Gong at healing
    · Crystal singing at healing

Suitable for

Yoga instructor, Reiki therapist, psychologist, hypnotist, teacher, special school teacher, music therapist, Fang
Incense therapist, student, masseur, doctor, nurse, spiritual practitioner
People who are interested in self-healing and healing others
Operators of yoga centers, clubs, beauty centers, health centers, health clubs, medical institutions, educational institutions or
Industry personnel.

After completing the 21-hour professional course, the following will be awarded:
Nepal recognized [Songbo Primary Healer] certificate

Language of instruction
English (Cantonese translation) two-day course

Date :
18-06-2022 ( Saturday)
19-06-2022 (Sunday)



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If the class is not open due to weather and other natural factors, additional time will be postponed
If the class fails to start due to other factors, the tuition fee will not be refunded

Senior Singing Bowl Healing Master (Nepal)

Akash Banjara (Healing Master) comes from a Nepalese music family. With good genetics, he has been very sensitive to sound and music since childhood. Teachers learn from different teachers. In addition to learning traditional music, they also learn meditation and Sanskrit. One of the teachers is a famous yoga master practicing in the Himalayas.
After years of in-depth research and clinical experience, Healing Master has created a variety of treatments for chronic diseases, such as cancer, stroke, migraine, arthritis, etc.
Special healing courses for pregnant women and defensive healing.
These treatments have been clinically verified to have good soothing effects.
Healing Master has been invited to Germany, Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, Italy, China, Hong Kong and other places for teaching and sharing in recent years.

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