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Basic Sound healing certificate course

In this basic course we will teach basic knowledge of sound healing and what types of instruments we will use. The human body is an electromagnetic field full of energy. There are 7 transmitters and receivers of energy messages, which are the chakras. The energy of the body gathers in these places and circulates and rotates through the torso, which is the channel through which the body energy enters and exits. If the energy cycle of the chakra is out of balance, the body will be prone to problems. The curative effect of singing bowls can be divided into body and mind. The former can improve arrhythmia, indigestion, headache, low back pain, back pain, etc., and it can speed up the healing and assist the delivery See also efficacy; In terms of mental health, it can help relieve insomnia, impetuousness, anxiety, depression, restlessness, and high-paced stress Physical strength, emotional imbalance, a trauma in childhood or childhood, psychological trauma, the physical and mental crisis at different life stages, etc. To improve self-confidence, work efficiency, and learning ability. Singing bowl is a well-recognized sound therapy, which plays a role of healing and integrating directly to the body, mind, and spirit levels. The sound of the singing bowl can resonate with the frequency of nature itself, and can also affect the vibration of nearby objects. When the chanting bowl is close to the human body, the smallest atom in the body will also change with the sound wave vibration of the chanting bowl. Including our thoughts and ideas. Sound is a high vibration frequency second only to light. The overtone sound from the singing bowl can help the body relax, and at the same time can balance and harmonize the seven chakras of the human body. Whether in Eastern India, Nepal, Tibet, or the Western world, it is a special instrument often used in healing, sound massage, sound therapy, and chakra balancing. It is not a singing bowl must be used. Here is the course details which we are teach on basic course.

  • Introduction class –                                                                    
  • Meditation class –                                                                      
    • How to do meditate your body
    • Types of meditation
  • Singing bowl Wikipedia –                                                         
    • Types of singing bowl
    • How does it works for body
    • Singing bowl playing method
    • How to choose best singing bowl                       
  • Human Chakras –                                                                                      
    • About Human chakras
    • Types of chakras
    • Major chakras
    • Minor chakras  
    •  Health and chakras
  • Chakra healing with chakra set singing bowl
  • Head therapy with singing bowls  
  • Sole therapy ( for balance the blood pressure)
  • Body massage   ( for relief all kinds of muscular pain )       
  • Mind wash therapy with 3 singing bowl                                                 
  • Crystal testing methods and use crystal healing                                         
  • Singing bowl cleansing                                                                      
  • Group healing 
  • Relaxing therapy                                                                           
  • Class summary ( revision )                                                         
  • Exam & gaming                                                                         
  • Discuses about problem and solutions          

Suitable for-
-Yoga instructor, Reiki therapist, psychologist, hypnotist, teacher, special school teacher, music therapist, Fang
Incense therapist, student, masseur, doctor, nurse, spiritual practitioner
People who are interested in self-healing and healing others
Operators of yoga centers, clubs, beauty centers, health centers, health clubs, medical institutions, educational institutions or
Industry personnel.

– After completing the 21-hour professional course, the following will be awarded:
Nepal recognized [Sound Healer] certificate

English (Cantonese translation) two-day course


Tme :  09:00 AM to  20:30 PM

Class locations:
Room A12, 15th Floor, Luxury Industrial Building, 26 Kwai Cheong Road, Kwai Chung (Kwai Hing MTR Station)

Enquiry or registration:

WhatsApp – 94169123

Facebook- Natural Soundhealing International School Nepal | Facebook

Gmail- naturalsoundhealing@gmail.com

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Meet Our Teacher

Mr. Akash Banjara is a certified teacher of sound healing therapy, introduction senior singing bowl healing master (Nepal) Mr: Akash banjara was born in a Nepalese music family, with good genetics. Singing bowl master starts the journey of sound healing in 2011 in the same year him also to get to learn about Vedic science including Sound healing, mediation, yoga, Reiki, etc…. He became a master certified as a healer, meditation, yoga instructor, etc. He slowly built up his sacred instrument collections of a variety of gongs, singing bowls, crystals, bells, tingsha etc…… Master has since undertaken hundreds of hours of singing bowl training, sound healing courses, and meditation, to going master training with international masters with his some of his special students.

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