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About Singing Bowl Master

“Singingbowlsmaster” offers Singing bowls training and Healing therapy in the arts. “Natural sound healing international school ” is the government registered healing center in Nepal . The healing center focuses on the teaching and practice of Ancient Singing Bowl Therapy. Sound Healing with Singing Bowls has been emerging as one of the most powerful & potent healing science of modern times to treat almost any form of medical disorders, to alter consciousness & spiritual enlightenment. Singing Bowl heals not only at the level of body but also at the level of mind & soul for a greater peace & harmony in one’s life time.

A certified teacher of sound healing therapy, introduction senior singing bowl healing master (Nepal) Mr. : Akash banjara Was born in a Nepalese music family, with good genetics.  Singing bowl master is starts the journey of sound healing on 2011  in the same year he also to get to learn about mediation, Human Chakras, human Aura, Reiki, Brain waves. He became a master certified as a healer, meditation, guru, yoga instructor etc. He slowly built up his sacred instrument collections of variety of gongs, singing bowls, crystals, bells, tingsha, chakra bowls. Master has since undertaken hundreds of hours of singing bowl tanning, sound healing courses and meditation, too going master trainings with international masters



Healing with Singing Bowls is a scientific, proven & is getting popular in western part of the world like Europe and America. Talking about the present scenario its getting popular in Asian country like china, japan, Taiwan, Malaysia . with the aim to provide all kinds of healing activities related to singing bowls. and also produce the capable healing human power in the field of singing bowls healing .A workshop with us will allow you to use the bowls and amaze your friends and clients. You will gain the knowledge, skills and expertise necessary to provide singing bowls healing to your clients, family and friends, as well as experience the many benefits of the power of singing bowls for yourself.